Things Not To Be Missed This Christmas

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Christmas is almost here along with happiness excitement, surprises, gifts, desserts, cookies and lot more. Christmas can be so entertaining with kids. There are numerous things to do with your kids, but I have penned down which I feel is not to be missed.

Bake Christmas Cookies

Christmas without cookies, not correct. Plan a cookie night and bake some of your favourite cookies with your kids . Let your children help in making and decorating it. They will definitely love it!

Watch Christmas Movies At Home

Get the feel of Eve with some amazing Christmas movies – The Grinch, Home Alone, The Polar Express, Elf and many more. So take your seats, grab a bucket or two of popcorn and enjoy the season.

Sing Christmas Carols

There is no better way to get in the mood other than singing aloud some carols. It’s a fun filled activity strengthening the bond deeper and stronger. You can choose any of the Christmas song or even a rhyme will do the same.

Letter to Santa

Santa means gifts. Ask your children to decide what they want from Santa and write a beautiful letter. You will be delighted to see how happy kids are while writing their letters.

Decorating the Christmas tree

Decorated Christmas tree not only makes our house beautiful but also fills our hearts with love and the warmth. You can make it a family affair and take help of your little ones. Variety of stuff is available in the market to choose from.

Tour the Local Christmas Lights

It’s amazing to see how our neighbourhood is decorated with beautiful lights. Kids just love it.

Arts and Crafts

If your kids are creative and can sit at a place for a while, you can’t afford to miss it. There are tonnes of Christmas DIY’s to do with your kids. You can also provide them with all the stuff required and set them free, and see what they express out of it.


Yes! You read it correct, shopping and that too with your kids. The idea is to make them understand that Christmas calls not only for taking gifts but is also about giving.

Family Dinner

A relaxed family dinner is the best way to complete the well spent day.




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