Fun Things For Kids This Summer

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Hey Mommies & Daddies!!

Summer is at its peak & holidays are round the corner. Engaging kids in some fruitful & fun filled activity is our goal before the vacation but we simply end up doing nothing because of lack of ideas or planning. Here are few indoor activities to engage kids. Try these activities and create some wonderful memories.

  • Let the kids create books about themselves. Set them free to fill & decorate it their own way. They can make drawings or paste pictures, list down their hobbies, friends list, stories, achievements, anything they want. And don’t forget to have their hand prints on it. It will certainly make you smile years after.

  • Give them small clay pots. Allow them to paint in their favorite color. Plant flower seeds, nurture it and enjoy watching it grow.

  • DIY puzzle – Yes, you can make your puzzle by coloring a favorite picture or character, gluing it to the cardboard and then cutting into pieces.

  • Wouldn’t sound exciting but lying under the sky looking at stars is an amazing experience. You can also teach them about the solar system

  • Draw a letter, with your finger, on child’s back and ask him/her to recognize it.

  • Plan a day to bake. Let young bakers bake their favorite cakes and cookies under your guidance.

  • Make a secret bag and place several familiar objects inside. (Do not put sharp things) Ask kids to pick the called out object without looking into the bag.

  • Play an interesting number game. Count the number of steps it takes to walk from one corner to another.

  • Plan a day beforehand and donate items which are of no use to you but can certainly be useful to others.

  • Toothbrush painting: Dip the bristles of a toothbrush in paint and splatter it on a piece of paper by running a finger over the bristles. Remember to cover part of the picture you do not want to paint.

  • Play “I spy”. Let your child guess the objects around you. (I spy with my little eyes, something that is red, or yellow or circle ) One of my friends introduced me to this game and believe me, it’s amazing.

  • Plan a reading session every day. Read aloud, enact the characters and have a wonderful time. Kids will surely look forward to it.

  • Play “word rhymes”. Say as many words as you can that rhymes. (bat, cat , hat, pat, mat) It’s a fun way to increase vocabulary.

  • Do theater this holiday. Write a short play and give each one his/her character. (Include friends) Help them if needed. It will not be only fun but also boost their confidence immensely.

  • Have some simple science experiments at home. E.g. Static electricity, friction etc.


These are just few of my suggestions to unending activities. Do try these activities and make their life as colorful as this page is. Would love to hear your idea for engaging kids during vacation.


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