Supriya Patodia a home maker and mother of two beautiful kids. Like any other mother she was also troubled about fooding habits of kids, concentration problems, answering their unending questions, how to keep them engaged and many such problems.

With all these problems she started to come up with plans on how to tackle these situations. After lots of efforts and trials she finally was able to make in-roads into kids mind and started to successfully cope with such situations. Soon her friends and family started coming to her for advice regarding their kids. This was when she came up with the idea of sharing her experiences and ideas with the world so that all the troubled mothers (and fathers as well) can be benefitted with the ideas.And KIDSPANDORA came into existence.

Her ideas are simple and can be implemented easily without being heavy on your pockets. The basic principle of her writing revolves around understanding the psychology of a child and accordingly works around the situation. In her words, all kids are different and special in their own way and so we cannot have a thumb rule regarding how to manage a child. So every parent should first understand the child and act/react accordingly.