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Hello Everyone,
So here I am back with the next series of my previous article about reading and kids. Last time we read about the importance of reading books for the kids, now we will talk about how to get the kids attracted towards the books. So here are my unbeatable tips to attract your kids.

For some kids reading is like doing the toughest of the task, and not a fun at all. So it’s our duty as a parent and their first teacher to get them attracted- and we can. The more children enjoy books, the more they will read.

1. Choose the right books.
Make sure your child is reading the book according to his level. A book that is too challenging will only discourage him. Use the 5 finger test to know the right book for your child.

2 . Make the reading experience a memorable one.
Just reading is not enough. Always try to make reading an engaging activity. Research has shown that what counts most is the way of reading. The more engaging it is ,the more it benefits the child.

Try This:

Make reading experiences an engaging activity:
# Get into the character of the story and make it live. Add drama by giving different sounds.
This way the child believes into the story and get attracted.
# Keep your child engaged and interest alive by asking certain questions;

Like – what happened next? Who is the king of the jungle? What else is of red colour? What do you
think the king will do next? This has helped me and hope will do the same for you as well.

3. Let your child read everything
Encourage your kids to read anything, they can –be it pamphlets, cereal boxes, their favourite biscuit wrappers and so on. For me the best time to practice it is when we are in the car, you don’t have to take out any extra time particularly for this. Look for the words all around you and try to spell it out. Anecdote: When you visit a store or a restaurant, call out the letters and spell the words in your way. Don’t leave any stone unturned in your way.

4. Go beyond the conventional reading
As you like being lost in your favourite magazine, why not kids? There are publications geared towards kids as well. It’s a great idea to introduce magazines , as it offers lots of short stories with colourful pictures and fun filled activities. These magazines keep your kid (and you as well) in tune with the outside world.

Try reading on I -pads and laptops. As many kids love technology.

How can I miss our memories with COMICS? Remember those famous tales of chacha choudhary and Tin tin.? They also definitely count as reading.

5 . Set up a separate reading area
Work together with your kid in creating his reading niche where he would like to hang on. Try out with some posters, attractive lights ,bean bags and so on.. You got it…

TIP# Let your child jump, move , dance while reading. Don’t expect them to sit in one position and
read at one go.We think they are not listening , but these sharp brainers are.

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